Friday, December 10, 2010

Silver Update 12th December 2010

Is the silver bull market at a major top? We provide analysis which suggests so and review this in the context of the larger silver bull market.

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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Silver Update 12th November 2010

A technical analysis of the silver situation up to the end of this week past. Three pages of analysis.

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Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Gold Investment Cycle

When will this gold and silver bull market end? For sure, it will end and the recent 2008 crash is a warning not to be complacent about major tops in precious metals. This article looks at a key indicator in the gold supply that points us to when this current bull market will come to a halt.

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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Technical Analysis of the 1980 Silver Blow Off

Technical analysis has been applied to the current silver bull with varying degrees of success. However, a blow off is approaching and the simple question is how TA will handle this? This 12 page article looks at the 1980 silver blow off to $50 and applies well known techniques to come to some conclusions to help the investor today.

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The Silver Billionaires

This seven page article looks at the real influence of the Hunt brothers on the 1970s silver market and we ask whether a billionaire or two is needed again to propel silver to new highs.

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Changes to The Silver Analyst

Changes are afoot at The Silver Analyst as I move to a more web based service. The 12 monthly newsletters will go and their content will move to the website. The standard regular features will stay though I have yet to make a decision on the SACP index but the monthly stock ranking tables and SASC index will stay but go from monthly to weekly.

The main feature article will drop out but commentary should carry any brainstorms and insights I happen to stumble upon!

Those on the full subscription will be transitioned in a manner that compensates them.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

New Silver Analyst Newsletter Options

With the Silver Analyst Newsletter you now have three options.

1. The first is the newsletter format we have used since issue one. You pay $115 and you get the following:

Twelve monthly issues of The Silver Analyst Newsletter covering silver in a wide variety of matters as well as regulars sections containing silver stock rankings as well as analysis of our own unique silver indices.

You also get access to our subscriber-only message board which carries a weekend update reviewing the past week's action in silver and where we see things going based on general and proprietary indicators. The message board will also add updates as the silver situation dictates (e.g at critical price junctures or major news events relevant to silver).

Finally, I am on call by email to answer your questions if you seek further expansion on topics and observations raised by the newsletters and message board.

2. The new option is The Silver Analyst Lite. As the name implies you get a cut down version of the first package for the meagre annual sum of $20. This will give you access to the subscriber-only message board mentioned above which carries a weekend update reviewing the past week's action in silver and where we see things going based on general and proprietary indicators. The message board will also add updates as the silver situation dictates (e.g at critical price junctures or major news events relevant to silver). To see an example of a weekend update go to the end of this posting.

However, you do not get access to the 12 monthly newsletters and I will not generally answer emails asking silver questions except at my discretion.

Also as a special offer anyone signing up to this $20 subscription will get the latest Silver Analyst newsletter free which is a $10 value giving you access to the Message Board per annum for a value of $10. Where can you get a better deal than that?

Finally, the third option is for those who wish to upgrade from the $20 to $115 service. You simply pay the difference of $95 to get you going.

If you wish to subscribe to one of these services, go to the drop down menu titled "Silver analyst Options" above, select your option and then click on the "Buy Now" button.

So hopefully there is something for every silver investor here as we forge ahead into the next up and coming opportunities in silver!

Example Message Board Post:


London Silver Fix Price: $16.89 (+$0.94 on week)
NYMEX Spot Price: $16.73 (+$0.51)
US Dollar Index: 76.64 (-1.53)

Silver RSI: 77.84 (+2.06) (70 overbought/30 oversold)
US Dollar RSI: 32.06 (-12.36) (70 overbought/30 oversold)

RMAR: 1.16 (+0.02) (1.30 overbought)
NYMEX SLI: 1.06 (+0.03) (1.80 overbought)
GOLD SILVER RATIO: 59.70 (-2.31) (15 overbought)

Our price objective of $17 was more or less achieved as silver hit an intraday high of $16.97 on Friday. Is the the three strikes rule
now confirmed? The answer is yes in the sense that silver has reached the "sell zone" based on that rule but the actual line has not yet been reached. The margin of error is shown in the New York spot price chart attached and the equivalent chart which includes international market prices.

According to the NY chart the line meets at about $17.60 (and note the smaller rising support line which intersects near there). Using the netdania chart, the price meets the line nearer to $18. The RSI is really ringing the alarm bells now as silver hits the overbought zone at 78, this move up is nearly done but the Elliott wave analysis suggests a final wave 5 up. So this week ahead could see a final spurt of bulli
shness but the rally since last November could collapse at any time. So, ride the move up but keep a careful watch on those stops.

Longer term investors should consider what happens after this. The gold and silver bulls are back out in force and prediction $1200+ gold and $25+ silver. That may happen but in my opinion not this year. Dollar bearishness is also at extremes which behoves us to take a contrarian position amidst the clamour. My favoured scenario is a drift down to the $12-$14 region but a quick spike down to the $10 region is not yet precluded - I'll let the developing charts inform me as silver progresses. If you can stand that, I believe the rewards will come into next year as a move to new highs begins.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Cold Fusion and Palladium Investment Report

You can obtain your special report on Cold Fusion for $50 by clicking the "Buy Now" button at the bottom of this post which will take you to your paypal login or a credit card payment option if you do not have paypal.

Alternatively, if you take out a Silver Analyst subscription for $115 per annum, you receive the Cold Fusion report as it is integrated in the latest issue of the newsletter and you benefit from the other newsletter features below:

  • Twelve monthly issues concentrating on silver (and other occasional subjects)
  • Weekend status reports on silver and related topics each Sunday.
  • A subscriber only message board for more frequent updates as the market dictates.
  • Three free back issues of your choice.

For the silver newsletter option, follow the "BuyNow" button at the top of the blog else if you only require the Cold Fusion Report follow the Buy Now button right below these words!